Allows you to block spammers using phone number prefixes. Now the app supports blocking up to 20,000,000 phone numbers!

Spooky Bikes

A Dirt-Bike Platformer where you jump relentlessly through ´spooky landscapes´, using nothing but your bike and some helpful abilities.

Push boxes!

Classic puzzle game for Apple Watch, Apple TV and iPhone
The goal of the game - push all boxes to their positions in the warehouse.
You can only push, and only one box at the time, so be careful, but move boxes as fast as possible.
Key features:
- 482 levels
- a lot of hours to play
- automatic positioning on first unsolved level
- undo button to back last move

Paper Dogfight

Dip into air battles of the World War II in this turn based strategy game. Your squadron has a mission - destroy as many enemy fighters as can for limited time. Do it step by step, becoming the Ace!

- realistic airplanes (real 3d models were used to create them)
- real engines and machineguns sounds
- 6 types of airplanes right now and more coming soon
- recording and sharing replay video of dogfights*
- calling additional airplanes when you need them**
- playing with friend on one device or against AI
- sharing your success on Facebook and Twitter
- Game Center leaderboards and achievements

* iPad Air and above, iPad mini 2 and above
** in battles against AI

Watch 15 Puzzle

Classic puzzle game for Apple Watch and iPhone
Try to win as fast as possible and share your best result on Twitter, Facebook or via email.


Mobile client for Terrasoft CRM, a client-server CRM application. Customizable interface, work with any data, charts and reports, integration with iPhone/iPad's features and other.

Ball on Roads

Simple game for 1-minute challenge


An application for tracking your time, spent on projects and tasks.


App for picture’s stories site (iPhone)